Monday, September 11, 2017

Cocktails & Conversation with Jason Carnegie and "Visions of Paradise"

Spend your evening in the city sipping cocktails and enjoying great conversation here with us at Scarlett Alley! On Thursday, September 28th we are hosting photographer Jason Carnegie and the debut of his collection "Visions of Paradise". The photographs in the collection feature beautiful photos capturing the essence of Hawaiian nature. 

Jason focuses on the unique landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands. While these landscapes are art themselves, he emphasizes their beauty even further. 

Join us on Thursday, September 28th 5-8 pm
241 Race Street Old City, Philadelphia

Sunday, September 3, 2017

John Wind Maximal Art

Jewelry designer, John Wind, was raised in Philadelphia, and you know how much we love our locals! His designs have been available in our store for about 20 years and our customers have adored his jewelry and accessories for every one of those years (& we have, too). John studied fine arts at the Slade School of Art in London and returned to the USA to showcase his work and grow his company, Maximal Art. The collection features "Modern Vintage" pieces that are stylish in a timeless way - you can wear them forever and always be in fashion! John Wind has been featured in many magazines and publications over the years including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Oprah, In Style, and the New York Times

The newest addition to their jewelry collection are their lockets - both in pendant and bracelet styles. They're a fun twist on a vintage style, and who doesn't love a personalized piece of jewelry? We sure love them for ourselves and for gifts! Put a picture of whoever or whatever you love inside (yes you can put a photo of your dog in there, or the Scarlett Alley storefront...) and carry them close to your heart or right by your side, depending on whether you're wearing the necklace or bracelet...or both!

Check out this Facebook video John Wind posted debuting the new lockets by clicking here to see them for yourself and be sure to pre-order now, they'll be available to ship in 2 weeks! Click here to shop them!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New from Yala... Women's F/W 2017 Collection

Yala Designs offers luxurious, comfortable, sustainable clothing, kids' and bedding products that we know you'll love. We've been carrying Yala in store and online for a while now, and we can't have enough of it! Their clothing pieces have become staples in Liz's and Scarlett Alley employees' wardrobes, as well as our customers'. We love that they're great quality, comfortable, fashionable, and most of all... sustainable! Whether you need basic tees and leggings, stylish dresses for work or a night out, or athletic styles for yoga and however else you stay active, Yala offers the perfect piece just for you.

Besides the oil industry, the fashion and textiles industry is the most polluting in the world. So, it's nice to know that companies like Yala are doing their best to reduce their environmental impact. To make their clothing and other products, Yala uses organic bamboo, cotton, and silk. What's so great about bamboo is that it is one of the most abundant renewable resources in the world and also absorbs 5x more carbon and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees. The process of spinning their bamboo into yarn is chemical free and as localized as possible. Any water and waste products from the process of making a garment - from creating the yarns to sewing the garments together - is cleaned, reused and recycled. Yala's products are ones that you can feel safe wearing and also feel great about your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

For their Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Yala designers were inspired by the colors of the seasons - rich burgundy and gold tones for fall and cool, icy blues and greys for winter. "The rich colors and textures of the old world" are how they specifically describe their inspiration for the fall collection and "nomadic paths and ethereal landscapes" sum up their vision for winter. Each has an emphasis on layering their pieces together for fashion and warmth purposes as we transition into these cooler seasons!

It's about time to update your wardrobe for the changing seasons, so take a peek online where we've added all the new styles for Fall and Winter! Please come by the storefront, too, to browse through our catalog and get our advice on fit and what we love!
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